Shipping Information

Overseas Shipping
Artworks Taxidermy™ is an “Exception to Designated Port” #LE 760792 and a USDA approved facility for receiving restricted imports.
Contact Artworks at least 2 weeks before departure to receive the following items to take with you on
your hunt:

1. Laminated I.D. Tags- Provided by Artworks at no charge- 1 tag for each skull and skin.
2. Copies of Artworks’ U.S. Fish & Wildlife “Exception to Designated
Port” Permit & U.S.D.A. Permit to handle restricted imports.
3. Detailed copy of Artworks shipping instructions for your overseas shipping agent.
4. Copies of U.S. Cites Import Permits. Original Cites Permits must be sent by certified mail to Artworks.
If you plan to hunt a CITES animal, you must first acquire a CITES PERMIT.
Address all questions & permit requests to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife at 703-358-2104.

Contact us before your next adventure for a complete shipping information packet.

Alaska/Domestic Shipping
Contact us before your next adventure for advice on trophy preparation, complete shipping information and recommended shipping agents in Alaska.

Terms and Conditions

All freight charges for incoming shipments must be prepaid- No C.O.D. freight accepted.
You will be notified when we receive your trophies. At this time, advance charges paid by Artworks Taxidermy™ on your behalf, including customs clearance, documentation, and brokerage fees, are due upon receipt of invoice. Before any work begins, we require mounting instructions and a 50% deposit. Items received by Artworks Taxidermy™ but not placed into work within 60 days are subject to receiving, tanning, and storage fees.
 Upon completion of your order, we will invoice for the balance due and request your shipping instructions. All work must be paid in full before shipping. Invoices must be paid within 30 days of billing date to avoid interest and storage fees. Storage fees are assessed at $1.00 per day per item.
1.8% monthly interest charged on past due invoices.
 All items not claimed within 90 days after invoicing are considered abandoned property and may be sold for charges due.
 Prices subject to change without notice.
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